Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's weather has a few snow flurries falling down on us homeless cats, so putting on the right coat is essential. A cold wind is also blowing but the bus to the class was nearly empty and that is good.
Today I feel much more alert than I did yesterday. I meditated last night on the following phrase:

Everything is as it should be.

I found that by repeating this phrase in my head, I was able to accept the injustices (from my perspectives) and unfairness that I perceive in the world.
I have found that I cannot do anything about the weather except dress appropriately but I can change the world instantly simply by changing my attitude toward it.
By adopting an accepting attitude, I no longer have to feel that it is my job to change the world. Instead, I can focus on something that I can do everyday, all day - make myself better, happier, more alive . . .  
I guess that is all for this morning - class is about to begin.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not much to write home about on this rainy day - that is if I had a home to call my own. Found this picture on the internet and I thought Hey ! This is silly enough for me to use and write about. There is a cat that roams the neighborhood which looks like this so I will say it is him (or her - can't get close enough to tell). Barney - that is what I call this cat - lives in an abondoned city building which has several cat sized entrances in the walls and doors. I never hear Barney sing the Blues but he does play a mean Blues Harp. WaaaaaWaa MeowwwwWAAAA
Hope to see him play soon but maybe not today as it is raining.